A customer from Kenya was planning to start his own rice processing business. He needed efficient and stable rice mill machinery to ensure that he could meet market demands and quickly achieve his production goals.

Our solution: 15tpd standard rice milling unit

Through many communications, we understood the customer’s needs in detail and made suggestions on equipment configuration for his specific situation.

We recommended the 15tpd standard rice mill unit. With its high efficiency and stable performance, this rice mill machinery meets the needs of small-sized production, making it ideal for our customer’s start-up business. It not only improves productivity, but also ensures the quality of the finished rice.

modern 15ton rice processing line
modern 15ton rice processing line

This rice milling plant has been designed with ease of operation in mind so that even first-time users can get started quickly. This is especially important for customers who are just starting their rice processing business.

The customer was very satisfied with our professionalism and solutions, and finally decided to purchase our 15tpd standard rice milling unit.

Packaging and transportation

In order to ensure that the equipment is intact and undamaged during transportation, we pack the 15tpd rice mill machinery sturdily, using shock-proof materials and wooden boxes to ensure the safe transportation of the equipment.

We arranged efficient logistics and transportation services to ensure that the equipment could be quickly and safely delivered to the customer in Kenya. The customer highly appreciated our transportation efficiency.

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