15T/D rice mill plant is a small rice processing line. It can produce 800-1000 kg of finished rice each hour, which is very suitable for small rice processing factories. 15T/D standard rice mill plant contains a combined rice cleaning machine, rice huller machine, paddy separator, rice mill machine, and rice grader. It uses a bucket elevator connected together so that the rice mill can work continuously. This automatic rice milling line has the features of reasonable structure, stable performance, and high efficiency. Apart from the 15ton/day rice mill plant, there are 20t/d rice mill plant, 25t/d rice mill plant, 38t/d rice mill plant, 60t/d rice mill plant, etc. As a leading rice processing line manufacturer, we provide a strong custom service to meet your specific requirements.

Working video of rice mill

Although this is a video about a 20TPD rice milling plant, the collocation is the same, only different from the machine’s capacity.

Features of 15t/d rice mill plant

  1. Simple and beautiful structure, low energy consumption. Easy to operate and maintain, and the disassembly and assembly of all equipment are very convenient.
  2. Good cleaning effect, removing stones, iron, dust, straw, and other impurities from particles.
  3. Fast rice milling speed, with a daily output of about 15 tons for complete sets of equipment.
  4. Easy to operate, only 1-2 people are needed to operate this rice mill (one person to load raw rice and the other to load finished rice).
  5. Automated operation from paddy input to finished white rice.
  6. The rice milling part of the equipment adopts negative pressure rice milling technology, with low rice temperature, no husk, and low broken rice rate.
  7. Our processing technology: fiber optic cutting, CNC bending, CNC machine tools, spraying process, high-level spray baking, etc.
  8. We provide a strong customization service to meet your special needs.
modern 15ton rice processing line
modern 15ton rice processing line
15 ton rice mill plant
15 ton rice mill plant

Parameters of Taizy 15t/d rice mill plant


Structure details of the 15tpd rice mill plant for sale

15td rice milling plant structure
15td rice milling plant structure

Paddy cleaning machine

Combination of cleaning and de-stoning design, the use effect is far better than the traditional one-piece design. Large air volume design, excellent de-stoning effect, combined with high-strength vibration-absorbing bearing configuration, smooth, firm, and reliable movement of the body, low vibration, low noise, and less dust.

Rice milling machine

Equipped with an independent powerful fan to clean the rice bran more thoroughly, making the rice grains cleaner and effectively improving the luster of the rice grains.

Gravity paddy separator

The gravity rice separator is designed with a large screen surface, which has excellent advantages such as fast separation speed and uniform distribution.

Low noise rice hulling machine

Long life of rubber rollers: no gear box, low noise, stable performance. 

Independent rice bucket elevator

Each rice mill bucket elevator is independent, and each rice bucket elevator has a separation motor base for more power, greater output, and easy maintenance.

rice mill plant ready to ship
rice mill plant ready to ship

Working process of the rice mill plant

The 15t/d rice mill plant is applied for processing paddy into international standard quality rice as the following flow chart: paddy material feeding → paddy cleaning → rice husking → rice milling → rice whiting → rice packaging.

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