Rice grader or rice grading machine is an important rice processing machine. It grades rice into different standards based on the rice length. And then the rice with different diameters will be discharged from different outlets. Usually, this machine is used as a part of a fully automatic rice mill plant. For different capacities of the rice mill production line, you can choose a suitable rice grader machine. Taizy MMJP series rice length graders for sale with the features of high efficiency and stable performance. It is popular around the world. As a rice grading machine manufacturer with rich experience, we provide professional customization, training, and guidance services to start your rice mill business. Welcome to contact us for a free price list.

rice grader
rice grader for sale

what is a rice grading machine?

Rice grading machine is designed for rice classification. It can divide milled rice into several classes accurately and efficiently according to the length:

  1. Small broken rice
  2. Medium broken rice
  3. Large broken rice
  4. Whole rice or head rice

It helps to highly improve the quality and appearance of the final rice product.

left view of the rice grader
left view of the rice grader
right view of the rice grader
right view of the rice grader

Parameters of Taizy rice grader


Features of Taizy rice grading machine

  1. It has a small size and affordable price
  2. The rice grader has a reasonable design and simple structure, easy to operate and maintain
  3. Taizy rice grading machine for sale has a high efficiency and low energy consumption
  4. The machine has a strong adaptability, small noise, and high output
  5. Adopting durable material, it has a long service life
  6. This rice processing machine has a multiple-layer screen, suitable for different capacities of rice grading

What is rice grader used for?

Rice grader is used for dividing rice into several grades according to size. It aims to pick size-appropriate rice and extract the broken rice that does not meet the needs. The rice grading machine is an essential and vital part of the whole rice mill plant.

How much is the rice grader?

The rice grader price is not fixed. Because the cost is closely related to its parameters, such as capacities, models, sizes, brands, motors, etc. Besides, the rice grading machine price is also related to external factors like shipping cost, and currency exchange rate. So if you are interested in this rice processing machine, tell us your requirements, and we will send you a detailed quotation.