Rice packing machine is used for rice packaging automatically and efficiently. It is a kind of rice bag filling sealing machine. The rice packaging machine can complete the function of quantitative weighing, efficient filling, and accurate sealing. It is suitable for packaging rice products ranging from 5kg to 50kg. And 5kg, 25kg, and 50kg rice packing are quite popular among them. With the features of easy operation, stable performance, and super efficiency, the rice filling machine can greatly improve your productivity and benefit your business. As a leading rice processing machine manufacturer, TAIZY Machinery provides quality and affordable rice packing machine for worldwide partners. Welcome to contact us for further details.

Performance features of Taizy rice packing machine

  1. The rice packaging machine adopts international advanced technology. The accuracy of it is about 5 g. and the packing speed is 360-450 bags each hour.
  2. The parts in contact with raw materials are made of food-grade stainless steel, with high sanitary standards and corrosion resistance for long-term use.
  3. Wide range of quantification, high precision, the platform can be lifted, high efficiency, multi-functions.
  4. The rice bag packing machine has the advantages of high calculation accuracy, digital display, stable operation, and easy operation. 
  5. Adopt brand sensor and pneumatic actuator, easy maintenance, reliable work, and no pollution. 
  6. The rice filling machine can be equipped with a sewing machine and a conveyor, which can realize the automatic filling sealing process.
  7. We support a strong customization service to meet your specific requirements.  

Structure  details of rice bag filling sealing machine

The automatic rice bag packing machine mainly consists of three systems, a quantitative weighing and filling system, a conveying system, and a sewing sealing system. It includes these parts: a quantitative agency, pneumatic mechanism, control box, scale body, conveyor belt, conveyor, sewing machine control box, and packet machine. The whole rice bagging machine has a simple structure and reasonable design. It is easy to install, operate, and maintain.    

rice filling sealing machine structure
rice filling sealing machine structure

Applications of packaging machine for rice

The 5kg -50kg rice packing machine is applied for filling and sealing rice products. However, as a type of granule packing machine, it is also ideal for packaging many other granular products, such as peanuts, coffee beans, paddy, sunflower seeds, wheat, corn, peas, sesame, dog food, cat food, etc. The bag can be of various types, plastic bags, paper bags, and cloth bags.

Optional equipment

conveyor belt
conveyor belt
feeding elevator
feeding elevator

Why the rice bag filling machine is best for your rice packaging business?

Actually, this rice packing machine is a kind of rice bag filling sealing machine. Compared with many other packing machines for rice, it is quite suitable for your rice factory and it has many unique advantages.

  1. Super efficiency. This machine is suitable for large rice production demands. The packaging speed can reach 450 bags per hour. This can greatly improve your efficiency and save your labor cost.
  2. Affordable price. This rice pouch packing machine has an absolutely good price. Compared with another fully automatic packing machine, it has a pretty higher cost performance.
  3. Easy operation. This machine for sale has a simple structure and right design, it is very easy to operate and maintain. And it needs only one labor to operate.   

Contact us to start your rice business

Rice packing machine is an essential and important part of the whole rice processing process. It is the final step in being delivered to the supermarket shelves. Taizy rice bag filling machine for sale is suitable for rice packaging ranges from 5kg to 50kg. It has the benefits of stable performance, super efficiency, and affordable price. Are you looking for an excellent rice packaging solution? Contact us for more useful details.