A family-owned enterprise in India has abundant rice resources and hopes to purchase an advanced automatic rice mill machine to improve the efficiency of rice processing and product quality, to meet the market demand and enhance its competitiveness in the local market.

Selection of Taizy 25tpd rice milling machine and its configuration

Equipment selection

After comprehensive consideration, the Indian customer decided to choose Taize’s 25tpd capacity rice milling unit. The unit features high efficiency and low energy consumption, and is equipped with a color sorter and a polisher to ensure that the rice produced is of high quality.

Advanced configurations

  • Color sorting: Taizy’s highly efficient color sorter removes impurities such as foreign-colored grains and diseased grains to ensure that the finished rice is of pure color.
  • Polishing: Equipped with a professional polishing machine to polish the rice finely to improve the appearance of gloss and taste.

Advantages of automatic rice mill machine for sale

  • Installation and commissioning: Taizy sent a professional technical team to the Indian customer’s site to provide installation guidance, and completed the commissioning of the equipment to ensure that the rice milling unit can be quickly put into operation.
  • Productivity improvement: After the newly introduced Taize 25tpd automatic rice milling machine was put into operation, the customer’s rice processing speed was greatly improved, which effectively responded to the growing demand for high-quality rice in the market.
  • Optimization of product quality: After color sorting and polishing, the rice produced is not only full grain, white and bright, but also of stable and reliable quality, which is well received by local consumers, thus significantly increasing the brand influence and market share.
  • Operation cost control: The high efficiency and low failure rate of Taizy’s rice milling plants have helped the customer to effectively reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption, and improve overall economic efficiency.
complete rice milling plant machinery
complete rice milling plant machinery

Customer comments and cooperation prospects

The Indian customer is very satisfied with the performance of Taizy’s 25tpd automatic rice mill machine, and believes that the machine has played a key role in upgrading its rice processing industry.

white rice
white rice

They are looking forward to deepening their cooperation with Taizy in the future, introducing more advanced technology and equipment, and jointly promoting the development and prosperity of the local rice industry.