A customer from Malawi wanted to improve the efficiency of his rice processing to meet growing market demand. Recognizing the limitations of traditional processing methods, he urgently needed a modern rice milling unit to improve productivity and product quality.

Our solution: standard 15tpd industrial rice milling machine unit

Ideal for small-scale production

We recommended the standard 15tpd rice milling unit, which is suitable for small-scale production scenarios and offers stable performance and efficient processing capacity. Its flexibility and reliability make it ideal to suit the needs of our customers in Malawi.

modern 15ton rice processing line
modern 15ton rice processing line


To ensure that the industrial rice milling machine fully meets the customer’s needs, we provide customized services, adjusting the unit’s configuration according to his processing requirements and site conditions to ensure its maximum performance and efficiency.

The final order for Malawi

Finally, the customer decided to cooperate with us, and placed the order.

15TPD Rice Mill15TPD Rice Mill
Capacity:15TPD/24H (600-800kg/h)
Packing Volume: 8.4cbm
Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3PHASE
220V 50HZ 1PHASE
1 set
machine list for Malawi

Packing and transportation

Careful packaging

We packed the industrial rice milling machine unit carefully to ensure that it would not be damaged during transportation. Sturdy wooden crates are used to ensure the safe transportation of the rice milling unit.

Timely delivery

Once everything was ready, we arranged fast and safe transportation services to ensure that the rice milling equipment could reach the customer’s destination in time. The customer appreciated our efficient service and was looking forward to the arrival of the equipment.

Customer comments on 15tpd industrial rice milling machine

After receiving the equipment, he expressed his satisfaction with our services and products.

He especially appreciated the support and assistance provided by our professional team throughout the cooperation process, and expressed high appreciation for the machine performance and white rice quality.