Iran has a long history of rice cultivation and a large rice market. However, due to the fact that some rice farmers use traditional methods to process rice, the production efficiency is low and the quality of the product is unstable, making it difficult for the market supply to meet the growing demand.

Realizing the importance of modern equipment to improve the efficiency and quality of rice processing, an Iranian customer decided to purchase a huller and small rice milling machine to improve his processing.

Our solution

We provided the Iranian customer with a combined solution of hullers and rice mills designed to improve their processing efficiency and product quality.

Using advanced technology and precision processing, these machines are able to efficiently remove hulls, hull grain and perform precision milling to ensure the production of high-quality rice.

Purchase list for Iran

Paddy HuskerPaddy Husker
Model: MLGT36-B
Rubber Roller Length:358mm
Rubber Roller Dia.:225mm
Air Volume:3200–36000m3/h
Packing Volume: 3.7cbm
1 pc
Rice Mill  Rice Mill  
Model: MNMS 25
Size 1350*750*1800mm
Packing Volume: 2.4cbm
1 pc
machine order for Iran

Notes to this small rice milling machine:

  1. Payment Term: 40% as deposit paid in advance, 60% paid before delivery;
  2. Spare parts
    • For Paddy rice husker: Rubber roller(4 pcs)
    • For Rice Mill: Sieve(30pcs), Press bar(20pcs), Emery roller(4pcs)
send rice mill for shipment
send rice mill for shipment

Feedback on Taizy small rice milling machine from Iran

After customers use our equipment, production efficiency has been significantly improved and product quality stability has been guaranteed. The processed rice not only meets the quality standards at home and abroad, but also is favored by more consumers in the market, which brings new business opportunities for its business development.