In Ghana, the client has his own factory and has access to large quantities of rice and therefore wants to find small scale rice mill plant with good utility with the following requirements:

  • Production efficiency: This customer expects to improve the daily processing capacity of rice through the introduction of new equipment to meet the market demand.
  • Final product quality: He focuses on the quality of processed rice and pursues clean, uniform and bright white rice products.
  • Automation: The customer wants to reduce the involvement of manual labor and realize the automated process from raw material storage, rice milling to packaging.
modern rice milling unit
modern rice milling unit

Our solution for Ghana

Equipped with rice storage silo

Our company has equipped a large-capacity storage bin to ensure the continuous and stable processing of rice and avoid production interruption.

15tpd small scale rice mill plant

Provide a full set of 15 tons/day capacity rice milling unit, including cleaning, hulling, grain and brown separation, milling, polishing, grading and other processes, to ensure efficient hulling and fine processing.

Packing machine

Equipped with automatic packaging equipment to achieve accurate weighing, fast filling, and tight packaging, which not only saves manpower but also improves packaging efficiency and standardization.

Service and support for small scale rice mill plant

Installation, commissioning and training

Our company sent a professional team to Ghana to carry out equipment installation and commissioning, and carried out detailed operation and maintenance training for the customer’s staff to ensure that the customer can independently and efficiently operate the equipment.

Follow-up service guarantee

We promise to provide customers with continuous after-sales service and technical support, including equipment maintenance, spare parts supply and production process optimization, etc., to ensure the smooth progress of the rice production.

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