Taizy rice milling unit welcomed a new customer from Ghana, who purchased a 15TPD mini rice mill plant to meet his rice processing needs in Ghana. This was his first foray into the rice milling unit sector, but with the help of his friends, he managed to familiarise himself with the rice milling.

mini rice mill plant
mini rice mill plant

Purchasing Taizy mini rice mill plant for the first time

Buying a rice milling unit was a new adventure for this Ghanaian customer. He learned that having his own rice milling unit would help improve the efficiency of rice production in Ghana and meet the demand for high-quality rice in the local market. Therefore, he decided to purchase a 15TPD complete rice milling unit, excluding the color sorter, to start this journey.

Despite being a first-timer in the field of rice milling units, this customer was not alone. His friends, who have a lot of experience in this field, provided valuable help and advice. Together they studied this mini rice mill plant and learned about its operation and performance. This made the customer more confident in committing to this business.

Reliability of 15TPD mini rice mill plant from Taizy

The 15TPD rice mill from Taizy is renowned for its efficiency and reliability. The machine is very easy to operate, even for first-time buyers. The customer quickly adapted to the equipment and began to place the paddy in the machine for milling and hulling to obtain a high-quality milled rice product.

Feedback from this Ghanian client

With Taizy’s 15TPD rice milling unit, he not only improved the efficiency of his rice processing, but also obtained a high-quality rice product that meets the needs of the local market. Thus profit was made.