Recently, the TAIZY 38t/d rice mill plant is shipping to Burkina Faso. This friend has his own rice factory. Because of the market increase in demand, he had to consider expanding the production capacity of his factory. And the automatically combined rice mill plant is the best answer for him. Because the rice processing line is not a small machine, there are lots of details that need to be determined. So after two months of communication with Emily – our skilled sales manager, we started to manufacture the machine for his project. During the manufacturing period of the plant, we often talked to him by video call or voice call. Therefore, he can know what we do and the process of his order, we believe this is a good way to promote mutual trust.

38td rice mill plant factory
38td rice mill plant factory

15 days later, he will receive his equipment. That will be a great surprise for him. We are proud of our rice mill plant.

38td rice mill plant at port
38td rice mill plant at the port
TAIZY rice mill plant factory
TAIZY rice mill plant factory

Parameters of 38t/d rice mill plant

1Combined cleaner destonerZQS902-2.5
2Rice hulling machineMLGT252
3Gravity paddy separatorMGCZ100*81.5-2.3
4Rice milling machineMNMS15B1-1.3
5Rice sorting machineMMJJP80*31.5-2