Recently, we had the honor of welcoming a customer from Nigeria. This dynamic female entrepreneur was exploring the rice milling market and chose to visit our rice mill factory to learn more about our rice milling plant capabilities and ultimately order our rice milling equipment.

Visiting rice mill factory in China

Accompanied by our staff, the customer was able to gain a deeper understanding of the production process of our rice milling machines. She showed great interest in the efficient and rigorous production process in the factory, and especially spoke highly of the intelligent control system of the equipment.

During the factory visit, the customer paid special attention to the quality control of the rice mill plant production process and raw materials. She deeply understood the quality control standards of our company for each rice milling machine, and praised our persistence in ensuring the quality of the equipment.

Final decision of 15TPD rice mill purchase

  • Intelligent production: The customer showed great interest in the intelligent production process of our rice milling machine. Our equipment is equipped with an advanced control system, which makes operation easier and improves production efficiency.
  • Adapting to market demands: Concerning the unique needs of the Nigerian market, the customer found that our rice milling equipment is not only highly productive, but also flexible and able to adapt to different sizes and types of rice milling scenarios.
complete rice mill production line
complete rice mill production line

After an in-depth understanding and rice mill factory visit, the Nigerian customer finally decided to establish a long-term partnership with us. She placed the order and we have successfully exported 15TPD rice mill to Nigeria.

Looking forward to future cooperation with Nigeria!

This cooperation marks a new beginning for us and our Nigerian customer. We look forward to developing together with our customer and bringing more success and opportunities for her new business in the Nigerian rice milling market. Also, we will continue to provide efficient and intelligent solutions for the Nigerian rice milling industry, and together we will build a new glory in the rice milling field.