Good news from Nigeria! Very fortunate to cooperate with Nigerian customers on 15 TPD rice milling unit. Nigeria is one of the largest rice producers in West Africa, and rice is one of the main food items in the country.

rice milling unit
rice milling unit

This Nigerian customer, who has rich experience in local agriculture, decided to invest in a whole 15TPD rice milling unit production line to help himself and local farmers improve the efficiency of rice production and processing.

Agricultural situation in Nigeria

The rice industry in Nigeria is growing rapidly, but still suffers from low productivity and waste of resources. Most farmers still use traditional processing methods, which are not only inefficient but also wasteful of time and labor. This recognizes that a modern rice milling unit production line can significantly improve the situation, increasing output, quality and farmers’ income.

Choosing Taizy rice milling unit

complete rice milling plant machinery
complete rice milling plant machinery

The Nigerian customer discovered through market research that Taizy’s 15TPD rice milling machine is well known worldwide for its reliable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, and is favored by many rice producers. He decided to choose Taizy as his partner to build an advanced rice milling line.

Complete rice milling line performance and advantages

  • Energy saving: Taizy’s production line adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which helps to reduce energy consumption and lower production costs.
  • Waste reduction: Through modern processing methods, the entire production line can minimize the waste of rice grains and improve resource utilization.
  • Easy to operate: The production line is designed to be user-friendly and can be operated by staff without complex training, reducing operational errors.

Reference to the machine list for Nigeria

Complete rice milling lineCapacity:15TPD/24H (600-800kg/h)
Power:45.6 kw
Remark: with 1 year of necessary spare parts for free
Equipment in the line: de-stoner, rice husker, rice miller, rice grader, color sorter,
packaging machine
1 set
machine list for Nigeria

If you’re interested in rice milling, welcome to contact us for more details. Our professional sales team will provide the best solution to fit your needs.