We are happy to cooperate with a customer from Ghana on rice mill plant. This customer purchased a 15TPD rice milling unit for independent production to increase his business profits, according to the local market situation analysis and purchased our cost-effective rice milling unit. The following side together to see this case.

rice mill plant
rice mill plant

Why buy the 15TPD rice mill plant for Ghana?

Ghana, located in West Africa, is rich in agricultural resources, and rice cultivation occupies an important position in the region. A Ghanaian customer dreams of producing high-quality rice independently to meet the demand of the local market. Considering the agricultural environment and market demand in Ghana, he decided to purchase a 15TPD per hour rice mill plant to lay a solid foundation for his dream.

rice milling unit for sale
rice milling unit for sale

After carefully studying different brands of rice mill units, this customer chose Taizy’s 15TPD rice mill plant because it could best meet his needs. This rice milling unit is popular in agricultural areas such as Ghana, where it is highly regarded for its reliable performance, ease of operation and adaptability. He believes that this investment will not only help him realize his dream of producing on his own, but will also help improve the livelihoods of the local community.

Our rice mill plant’s advantages

  • Efficient processing: With a capacity of 15 TPD, he was able to process large quantities of rice in a short period of time, increasing production and profitability.
  • Simple to operate: Our rice milling unit is designed to be user-friendly, so even beginners can get started without complicated training.
  • Adaptability: The rice mill plant is suitable for a wide range of rice varieties, adapting to Ghana’s diverse agricultural environment.
  • Quality assurance: By using this rice milling unit, Mr. Kwame is able to produce high-quality rice that meets the quality demands of the local market.

Machine list for Ghana

15TPD rice mill plantCapacity: 15TPD/24H (600-800kg/h)
Packing Volume: 8.4cbm
1 set
machine list for Ghana

With modern agricultural machinery, such as the 15TPD rice milling unit, this customer has been able to achieve autonomous production of agricultural products, increasing yields and quality, while also improving the economic situation of his community.